Boating Accidents

There’s nothing better than a sunny Florida day on the water.  That is, except if your day of surf and sun is interrupted by an accident on the water.  Unfortunately, with more boaters comes more accidents.  And many of these accidents come from a combination of inattention, inexperience, and inebriation.

Duty as a Boating Operator

Operators of boats on Florida waters have a duty to their passengers and other boaters, swimmers, kayakers, canoers, etc. to operate their vessels in a safe, attentive manner.  When this duty is broken by an operator’s negligence, property gets damaged and people get hurt.  And an operator’s duty extends beyond staying sober and attentive.  Operators need to ensure that they do not overcrowd their vessels and that they maintain the proper safety equipment on board.  Operators can also breach this duty by operating at too high a speed or attempting to navigate in inclement conditions.  In short, while boating is a staple of Florida living, it comes with a high degree of risk and responsibility.

What should I do if I have been injured?

If you are injured while boating or by a fellow boater, you should seek medical attention immediately.  To ensure your legal rights, you should contact a boating accident attorney to discuss all of the facts regarding the accident.  It is best not to delay since the facts will be important to assessing any potential cause of action.  Essentially, you will need to recreate the scene so that the attorney will be able to properly advise you as to the relative strengths and weaknesses of your particular case.  From your consultation, your boating accident attorney should be able to leave you with your options.  In the instance that your case fits with a cause of action, your attorney should be able to explain the steps involved, what they will entail from you, and, where appropriate, certain timelines within which the steps should occur.

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