Q?Are legal consultations free?

Absolutely.  We offer free consultations for a few reasons.  The most obvious is to provide you with a legal assessment of your matter, and, where appropriate, provide you with our recommended strategy.  The secondary reason we encourage free consultations is to provide an opportunity for you to decide if we are a good fit for you and for us to decide if we think you are a good fit as a client for the firm.  While many firms choose to bring on all clients, we have found that unless the attorney-client relationship is a good fit, the matter will not progress at an optimal level.  That is not to say that the outcome will be different, but it is to say, in our experience, a poor attorney-client relationship can cause unnecessary stress during the process of executing the strategy.

Q?How should I schedule a consultation?

Scheduling a consultation very easy.  You can call our office at 813-280-1180, send an email directly to W. Chase Carpenter at  Chase@CarpenterGandhi.com or Satyen Gandhi at Sat@CarpenterGandhi.com, or submit a contact form through the website.  We’ll make sure to get you scheduled for the soonest appointment available.

Q?Any chance I can schedule outside of business hours?

Sure!  When scheduling just make sure to let us know that you need to schedule outside of business hours and we’ll accommodate (at least reasonably… no 5:00am consults, please).

Q?What should I bring to my consultation?

Well, that one is a tricky one because every case is different, but I always use the guiding principle ‘more is better than less.’  Don’t worry about bringing too much information.  That said, generally, you want to bring in any contracts or policies that may be involved as well as any evidence (pictures, notes, etc.) and medical records, when applicable.  Also, write down your questions and bring them.  You may not know all of the questions you need answered, but it tends to be helpful to clients to make sure they have gotten the most out of the consultation.

Q?I don’t see any case results on your site, why not?

Although it is generally allowable to post verifiable results, we decided to keep our settlements and results confidential.  The reason is to prevent any miscommunication or create unrealistic perceptions of your case.  No matter what we tell ourselves, it is human nature to see grand results and picture that win for our case.  Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works.  Every case is different – even cases that may seem very similar can have factors that vastly change the outcome.  Rather than splattering our site with dollar signs, we prefer to discuss our analysis of your case based on our experience in a way that is focused specifically on your case.

Q?If I retain the firm, who will actually handle my case?

W. Chase Carpenter or Satyen Gandhi will be the lead attorney on your case. From there, you may have interaction with certain of-counsel attorneys or field experts where appropriate, but your lead attorney and contact will be Chase or Sat. Additionally, you are not going to find yourself getting blocked by assistants or staff – you get a direct line and direct email.

Q?If I retain the firm, how will I be updated?

We use a case management system that provides real-time updates.  You see when we upload documents or schedule events.  You can also directly comment or ask questions through the system – either through a general message or in a message connected directly with a particular file.  Another big plus – you can even upload documents directly to your file.

Q?The big one – what are your fees?

This is probably the most frustrating question for potential clients as well as attorneys.  Since a particular case may require some adjustment, the fees are subject to change.  However, in an effort to help ease the mystery, below is a general idea of our fees:

  • Personal injury/property damage: Generally, 331/3 % – 40% plus costs in accordance with allowable attorney’s fees as set by the Florida Bar Association.  NOTE: FOR THESE MATTERS, NO FEES OR COSTS UNLESS RECOVERY IS MADE.
  • Breach of Contract: Generally, costs plus $250.00 per hour (with or without a retainer deposit) or, in fewer instances, a negotiated flat rate.
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes: Generally, costs plus a mix of hourly and contingency.