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Feeling Itchy?  Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Ah, a phrase we’ve all surely heard or even used “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite.”  For most, it’s simply an endearing way of saying ‘Goodnight’ or ‘Sleep Well,’ but to those who have had the unfortunate experience of rooming with bed bugs, the saying takes on a vastly different meaning. Over the past few years, the creepy crawly blood-suckers have made their ways back to our homes… and, namely, our beds.  Maybe you wake up with a...


Got Mold?

Mold is the worst nightmare of any homeowner.  Once you find out it’s there, you just want it gone.  Unfortunately, the next step is to pay to have it tested and then pay lots more to get it eradicated.  But, the alternative is to live with a poison (basically).  Who wants to develop constant sinus infections and lung problems?  No one, of course – and so you pay it.  That’s an easy scenario.  But what happens if you’re...


Is Your Landlord an Ass? What can you do?

If you're a lucky renter, you have a landlord that does more than just cash checks. If you're lucky, he or she also maintains the property and addresses your concerns in a timely manner. He doesn't make threats and he doesn't make accusations (assuming, of course, said problems aren't due to something stupid you did). However, unfortunately, many renters aren't so lucky and are stuck with lazy landlords, negligent landlords, or just outright slum lords.