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Got Mold?

Mold is the worst nightmare of any homeowner.  Once you find out it’s there, you just want it gone.  Unfortunately, the next step is to pay to have it tested and then pay lots more to get it eradicated.  But, the alternative is to live with a poison (basically).  Who wants to develop constant sinus infections and lung problems?  No one, of course – and so you pay it.  That’s an easy scenario.  But what happens if you’re...


Piercing the Corporate Veil – Are you sure you’re a corporation?

A great man named George Costanza once said 'it's not a lie… if you believe it…" And this is just what many small business owners do – they lie to themselves by calling their business a corporation and then they say it and write it down so much that they believe it's true. Well, the problem is that to properly be a corporation, you have to follow procedures. You have to have meetings to take certain actions, you have...


How a good business plan can keep your money in your pocket (and out of your lawyer’s…)

Business plans are tedious, time-consuming, and ever-evolving. And sadly, they are rarely read…even by the creator. When we meet with a new client, no matter what the reason for their visit, we will ask if they have a business plan. More often than we'd like to mention, we are met with puzzled looks and dismissive answers. Basically – 'what does that have to do with anything? I'm in here for x, y, or z lawsuit.' Well, here's the...