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Mediation – Your Chance to Choose the Outcome

Mediation, while no longer really considered 'new,' is relatively still in its nascent stage – at least in terms of its use. You've probably heard the term thrown around or maybe you're reading this because you've got one coming up in your case. Your most important questions is probably 'what is mediation?' Luckily, the mediator will explain this in his or her opening statement before you're launched into the process. However, it's still pretty nerve-racking to walk into a process...

Is Your Non-Compete Enforceable?

Business is picking back up and employers are beginning to ramp up hiring. That's great, of course…and maybe it means you're starting to get some job offers to lure you away from your current job. Maybe better money, better market, better work schedule…and on and on. One little problem, right? – You signed a non-compete. You may not have paid it much attention when you signed off on your HR packet, but now it's a big deal. So,...


Is Your Landlord an Ass? What can you do?

If you're a lucky renter, you have a landlord that does more than just cash checks. If you're lucky, he or she also maintains the property and addresses your concerns in a timely manner. He doesn't make threats and he doesn't make accusations (assuming, of course, said problems aren't due to something stupid you did). However, unfortunately, many renters aren't so lucky and are stuck with lazy landlords, negligent landlords, or just outright slum lords.



How to Properly Break a Contract

When you're in business, you have contracts. If you don't, you're probably doing something wrong. More importantly, when you enter contracts, you intend to keep your side of that contract and you surely expect the other side to keep its end of that promise. However, business is money and money drives decisions. That's why there are no punitive damages for breaking a contract. That said, you should consider the consequences because there likely are going to be consequential...


The Business Divorce – Who Gets the Kids?

Just like a newlywed couple, you and your business partners never go into a venture expecting it will end. Instead, the business starts with excitement and dreams of success. Sure, the statistics say you're likely to fail, but that won't ever happen to you, right? Here's the problem – it does happen. And it happens a lot... More importantly, in a business divorce, it may not even happen because the business failed. In fact, sometimes it happens because...