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The Business Divorce – Who Gets the Kids?

Just like a newlywed couple, you and your business partners never go into a venture expecting it will end. Instead, the business starts with excitement and dreams of success. Sure, the statistics say you're likely to fail, but that won't ever happen to you, right? Here's the problem – it does happen. And it happens a lot... More importantly, in a business divorce, it may not even happen because the business failed. In fact, sometimes it happens because...


What’s the Real Cost of that UFC Fight?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship events are hugely popular. Showing them in your bar or restaurant can potentially fill it with customers. However, what many owners and managers don't know are the potential headaches that could follow. Did you order your fight from your cable or satellite provider? Did they assure you it was proper? Did you only pay $50.00 for it? If your answer to all three is yes, most likely you've got a...