Image Protection Counseling and Litigation

What is Image Protection?

No tricks here – image protection is exactly what it sounds like, it is taking practical steps to protect the image of your business…largely from false internet reviews and posts from competitors and/or former clients.  In recent years, the term “internet defamation” has been thrown around to describe the action of someone writing a false statement about a person or business online.  Well, at Carpenter Gandhi, at least for small businesses, we felt a more accurate descriptor was image protection.  Even though the internet is essentially a ‘wild west’ and folks can post with relative anonymity, there are practical steps you can take to protect yourself.  And that’ s why we offer legal counsel in order to counsel on steps tailored to your small business to limit as best as possible your vulnerability.

What Steps Can I Take?

This varies by business and by industry, but there are some best practices you can take in your small business.  Of course, the number one step is to provide the utmost quality client service possible.  More importantly, when mistakes happen, have a plan to address them with the client.  Always remember two things: (1) a happy client doesn’t write bad reviews and (2) if the post is true, there’s no legal recourse.  Now, those are the obvious steps.  Some other steps are to actively monitor all posts about your business and provide responses… not just to bad reviews, but to good reviews.  At Carpenter Gandhi, we offer counseling on when and where you should post responses and what these responses should say.

What is Image Protection Litigation and What Will it Do for Me?

Litigation is the filing of a lawsuit against the person and or entity that posted false information about your business.  Even if you take all steps and perform best practices, you can’t prevent another from posting defamatory remarks online.  However, if you meet the criteria for a lawsuit, you can take them to court for your damages and to seek to have the post removed.  Additionally, if the post or publication was made by a competitor or another seeking to wrongly interfere with your business dealings, then you may have a business tort against the party.  At Carpenter Gandhi, we utilize all tools available to determine the proper party and construct the best strategy possible to ensure that your image is protected and that any harm that was done is redressed.  Unfortunately, in this age of cyber-anonymity, vigilance is necessary to protect your businesses’ most valuable asset – its image.

Having Issues with Your Small Business’ Image?  Contact Carpenter Gandhi today!

Carpenter Gandhi offers a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to help you protect or repair your small business’ image and reputation.  While taking steps to limit your vulnerability are extremely helpful, sometimes you must take action in the courts in order to repair harm done by others whose intent is simply to harm your business.  Contact Carpenter Gandhi today to schedule a free consultation.